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ASCs: A New Frontier in Healthcare Real Estate, According to Becker's ASC Review

Recent insights from Becker's ASC Review ( have brought to light an intriguing trend in healthcare real estate. Hospitals and health systems are increasingly focusing on the Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) market.

The 2023 "Hospital Leadership ASC Survey" by Avanza Healthcare Strategies revealed a significant 47% of hospitals and health systems now have an affiliation or ownership interest in multiple freestanding ASCs. This shift is noteworthy.

Moreover, a VMG Health survey indicates 60% of health systems might explore joint venture partnerships with ASCs in 2024, underscoring a strategic pivot in healthcare.

The driving force? Cost-efficiency. Shannon Simmons of Christus Health highlights ASCs' lower operating costs, resulting from factors like fewer staff, less supplies, and smaller facilities. This makes ASCs an attractive proposition for healthcare systems, especially in the face of economic challenges.

ASCs could well be the strategic solution hospitals are seeking in today's economically pressured environment, offering sustainable growth and adaptability.

What are your thoughts on this emerging trend? Do you view ASCs as a pivotal element in the healthcare real estate sector? Join the conversation below!

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